In this 1.5 hour Live Zoom class, participants will learn the most important legal and ethical considerations for high-risk situations that clinicians can confront in their practice. Course objectives include: 

1. Learn current and basic ethical and legal backgrounds for treatment of at-risk patients 

2. Plan and prepare to implement record-keeping and documentation requirements for such patients 

3. Learn about mandatory and recommended reporting requirements for such patients.. 

4. Apply risk management principles without compromising clinical integrity. 

5. Utilize tools taught to make clinical decisions in accordance with ethical, legal and risk-management guidelines.

*This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners and providers of mental health including Psych, LMSW, LCSW, LMFT, LCAT, LMHC, LP and related fields. 

Led by Bruce Hillowe, JD, PhD

Bruce V. Hillowe,J.D., Ph.D.

Bruce V. Hillowe, J.D., Ph.D. is a mental healthcare attorney with a law practice in Garden City, New York. A graduate of Binghamton University, Duke University School of Law, and Adelphi University Derner Institute (Clinical Psychology and Postdoctoral Programs), he formerly practiced as a psychologist-psychoanalyst, including as a coordinator of clinical training and director of a forensic mental health service. He was a teaching attending psychologist in law and ethics at a major teaching hospital for 15 years. He currently teaches courses in ethics and law as adjunct faculty at the Derner Institute. He is legal counsel to numerous mental health facilities, institutes, and practitioners and sponsors legal plans for professional associations. He has written articles and book chapters including for law reviews and healthcare publications and is the author of a HIPAA compliance manual for New York mental health practices. He is a featured "SuperLawyer" in the New York Times Magazine.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Information - Legal and Ethical Considerations of High-Risk Clients

    • Instructor Information - Requirements - Rules - Refunds - Policies

  2. 2
    • Documents for Legal & Ethical Considerations in Working with High-Risk Clients

  3. 3
    • Information to Keep

  4. 4
    • Legal and Ethical Considerations of High-Risk Clients

  5. 5
    • Survey Scale

    • Course Evaluation For Legal and Ethical Considerations of High-Risk Clients